Mission statement:

The Orpheus Initiative provides an online presentation portal and support for all kinds of aquatic preservation projects.

Help running projects find whatever they may need like manpower, funding or resources.

 Help people start their own project by providing insight and contact with like minds who want to help.


About the 'Orpheus Initiative':

There are a lot of aquatic conservation projects in the world, I realized that, just walking around at a dive show.

I saw about 8 shark projects, some ghost fishing and other cleanup and numerous coral reef protection projects. All doing great things for their environment.

So, if you didn’t go there, in order to find them, you have to look really hard and you probably will not be able to find them all and you cannot make a choice which one would suit you best.

Also there are a lot of local projects, like beach cleanups, that are not run by or even related to divers and those would not even be on a dive show and can only be found locally. All projects operate in some kind of bubble, especially in the diving world, even though the intentions are the same, projects run through different diving organizations rarely mix. This way a lot of effort is done twice or not at all and a lot of knowledge is not shared.

How cool would it be to be able to join a local project, when you´re in the area for vacation? Or when you’re running a local project and you’re able to get help from someone who’s never been at your place and still would like to help?

The Orpheus Initiative wants to make connections between all these projects creating a global network, did I say global? Yes I did! For there are no limits to what we can do and we can do that all over the world.

From now on you can come here and learn about all kinds of conservation projects related to the aquatic environment.

You can read about other’s projects, see their approach and ideas.

You can publish about your own, ask for manpower, knowledge or anything else you need.

This way, projects can expand their own reach, going beyond their community and environment.

If you're interested and want to submit a project, please contact us through the contact section

United we stand!

The legend of Orpheus and Eurydice

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